Benefits Of Cycling For The Elderly

Cycling is a good way for the elderly to get some exercise. It offers many health benefits and is a good option because it doesn’t cause much stress on their bodies.

Cycling can be done at any age, and below are several reasons why cycling for the elderly is a good idea.

It Can Help Them Lose Weight

One of the benefits of cycling is those who do it regularly may begin to lose weight.

It is a good form of exercise, and if they get out and cycle for miles at a time, then they will burn off quite a few calories.

If someone a bit older has been told that they need to lose weight because of health issues, then they may want to get into cycling right away.

It Is Good For The Immune System

Cycling for the immune system

Cycling regularly can help improve the immune system, which is important at any age but especially important as someone gets older.

Regular physical activity is needed to keep their immune system strong.

They may be less likely to get the flu and other sicknesses when they exercise like this.

It Is Beneficial For The Heart

If someone has issues with their heart and have been told by their doctor that they need to exercise more, then cycling or a mobility scooter could be the right choice for them.

Cycling is not too hard on the heart and yet gets it going. It will make the heart stronger.

It Can Better Their Mental Health

When the elderly get out and cycle regularly, they will be getting fresh air and exercise, both of which are good for their mental health.

This has been said to help those with Alzheimer’s and a variety of issues.

It also gives those who feel depressed something to look forward to each day, and the exercise can greatly improve their mood and mental health.

It Is A Good Choice For Those With Bad Joints

Cycling with bad joints

Cycling is one of the better forms of exercise for those who have bad joints as it isn’t too hard on them.

They can take it as slow as they want and ride on a flat surface or anywhere where they won’t have to strain too hard to get to where they want to go.

Cycling can make them stronger, and they just need to check with their doctor to make sure it is the right choice.

It Can Make Them Steadier

balance improvement

When people age, many times they become a bit off-balance and have a hard time walking.

They have the risk of falling and being injured, and they will want to do what they can to keep their balance and steadiness.

They can do that by cycling regularly because it will help train them and keep them knowing how to stay upright.

It Gets Them Out More

cycling with friends

Another benefit of cycling as one ages is that it is an excuse for them to get out and see people.

They can cycle with their friends, or they can greet all of the people that they see when they are out on their own.

It will help them get the social interaction that they need, and they will feel a lot better when they bike every day.

It Helps Them Become Stronger

When the elderly take up something like cycling, they will become stronger than they have been since they were young.

When they dedicate themselves to cycling regularly, and when they go for a good ride each time, they will strengthen their joints, muscles, and heart.

They will also improve their mental health and will feel better because of doing this.

The Effects of Smoking And Cycling


Cycling is becoming a hotter trend in today’s society. However, there are some things that should be avoided when you choose to do the sport of cycling.

Most people are aware that smoking is unhealthy, but that does not change the fact that there are still people who chose to smoke regardless of health concerns. In the guideline below you will learn about the effects of smoking and what it can do to you while you are riding.


If you are in a position of considering whether you are going to take on an activity that can improve your health, you are in the right area. Cycling is one of the best ways to get into shape with ease.

You can start slow to get your body adjusted to the changes that will take place, then increase your cycling time as you start gaining confident that your body is adjusting. Any physical sport that is done on a daily basis or at least a few times a week will be beneficial for you and your health.

One of the biggest concerns, when some people start to cycle, is their performance. Some want to be able to start by riding long distances and going as fast as they can, while others like to leisurely take their time.

The best way to go about cycling would be to listen to your body and do not overexert it. A great tool to help you gain performance in cycling is to travel to a higher location or altitude. Many athletes utilize the mountains to gain a stronger performance. If you are new to cycling, going to a higher altitude is not recommended, until your body is ready to take on more challenge.

The performance of cycling and what it does to your body is tremendous. While you can ride easily down the street, each turn and hill helps build up your heart rate, which is an excellent tool to exercise. Cycling is a great way to get back into a healthy lifestyle, while a great way to enjoy your surroundings.


Smoking and cycling in the 1920's

Smoking anything effects your lungs and blood flow. As a person smokes, it puts a chemical into your body that is unnatural. Your body reacts to smoke harder than many other pollutants that are in the air. The severity of smoking can obviously cause cancer and potentially death for those that do not recognize the harm in time.

It has been proven that cigarettes do cause lung volume and weight loss, but how will this affect your cycling experience? According to NCBI, “Cigarette smoking has been shown to increase serum hemoglobin, increase total lung capacity and stimulate weight loss, factors that all contribute to enhanced performance in endurance sports.

Despite this scientific evidence, the prevalence of smoking in elite athletes is actually many times lower than in the general population.19 The reasons for this are unclear; however, there has been little to no effort made on the part of national governing bodies to encourage smoking among athletes.”

Therefore, as your body increases the hemoglobin, it is still an unhealthy way to achieve a stronger performance for your cycling experience.


There have been a few reports that have shared that choosing to cycle as a smoker, has, in fact, caused many people to quit smoking. This is a huge benefit, but it needs to be addressed for caution. If you are a smoker then cycling is a good idea to start getting you on the road of a healthier lifestyle, but you need to start slower. Alternatively to switch to vaping, which has been recommend by government health organisations such as the UK’s NHS – Vaping is no longer expensive but if you can find vape deals at this site.

The reason for this is simply because if you jar your system to fast it could have a reverse effect and actually harm you more than help you. Smoking and cycling can cause more potential injuries as well as harm to your circulatory health.

If you start slower by taking shorter trips and allowing yourself to catch your breath, then your body will react in a healthier manner. It will notice that you are trying to kick out the toxins and will help you adjust faster.


In conclusion, while there are many debates on how cycling is an effective way to increase healthy body performance, Cycling and Smoking is not a proven way to a healthy lifestyle.

There still are many conversations on professional athletes trying to increase their performance through smoking and cycling, they, in fact, are most likely hurting their body faster than just going to a higher altitude, where breathing would be harder, but it is healthier.

If you are a smoker and are looking for a smart way to quit, then cycling is a good option to choose, however you will want to start slower and let your body adjust to the dramatic difference of air intake.

Therefore, remember to use caution if you are planning to start cycling if you are a smoker, and if you are already a professional rider, then avoid the smoking and travel to a better location for a better quality air intake, you will not be discouraged with the outcome.

Cycling Foot Pain – Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Do you have cycling foot pain? Are you looking for ways to treat it?

After you treat it, do you want to prevent it from happening again? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading as we explore the options to help improve your cycling experience. The truth is, there are many different reasons for foot pain during cycling.

There is no cure all method that will help everyone. Trial and error will better help those suffering from foot pain to find the best solution that works. You need to address this in a systematic way to eliminate what works versus what doesn’t.


Foot placement:

Feet should be positioned with the ball of the foot on the center of the pedal. When you don’t put the ball of the feet (the metatarsal) on the petal you run the risk of your feet falling asleep on you while cycling. When the feet are too far forward or too far back you can also experience knee pain. If you simply start by re-positioning your feet to the middle of the pedal you can prevent your feet from going numb.

Shoe fit:

The wrong shoe can painfully impact your feet during cycling. Shoes that are too narrow and too tight can cut off circulation causing your feet to fall asleep or ache. Even something as simple as wearing too thick of socks can impact the feet. Having the cleat in the wrong position can also do more harm than good. People with longer toes should move the cleat back to help make their feet more comfortable.

For feet that tend to pronate either direction, whether it be to the outside or inside; you can add wedges to your cleats to accommodate that. Wedges need to be placed in the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Foot gear:

Sometimes when all other methods of treatment have failed, the next step is to invest into the proper foot gear. There are specially made shoes for cycling. Normal everyday soft bottom shoes will not help with foot pain. You need a much more solid bottom shoe that gives better support to the feet when cycling. An example would be Vans. When all else fails and you do plan on cycling often, invest in some cycling shoes!

Orthotics can improve foot pain when cycling as well as prevent you from receiving pain from the start. They can have a thinner profile as long as they help with two main important parts of your feet during cycling. Those are:

1. They control the longitudinal arch. This is the main arch people think of because it is the most common.
2. It supports the transverse arch and metatarsal heads. The metatarsal heads can get too much pressure causing nerve pain in the feet.

The saddle:

Your saddle being too high can cause discomfort and pain not only for your glutes but also your feet. You must accommodate for both legs. If one leg is a little shorter, adjust your saddle for that leg. The positioning of your saddle has the potential to hit nerves that will then cut of circulation in your foot. Adding height to the shorter leg with a wedge can help relieve the pain in your feet that you have been enduring.

Cycling foot pain can put a damper on the cycling experience. You quickly want to change everything while trying to find the best solutions but you shouldn’t change too much too soon. It will be hard to track what works if you change too many variables at once.

Start with one small change, try it out for a while, then come back and evaluate the results. This is the best way to treat and prevent cycling foot pain.